This website began as an advocate for peace, with the publication of two books in 1998 and 2002. Originally the website focused on the nation of Burma (also known as Myanmar), at a time when that nation appeared to have some chance of improving its people’s political and economic hopes. Although we still retain interest in Burma, Dahlberg Books is expanding into other areas, both fiction and narrative non-fiction. Up-to-date information on Burma can be found here.

Please continue to pray for Burma:  peaceful protests against arbitrary arrests, high cost of food, fuel, and education continue, but the Generals’ reaction is usually armed force against their citizens. Relieving the high costs and shortages by using some of the revenue from oil and natural gas resources apparently does not occur to the Generals.

Check out our Blog Site, “Old Doc’s Blog“.  This is mostly about American medicine and what people say they want to see improved. Sometimes it will be about health problems you may have. There will be new posts two or three times a month; maybe oftener, and your commentary is invited.  For more literary topics, check out our books and articles.  If you get on our Blog site, you can return here via “Recommended Websites.”

Old Doc’s Blog is a site for current writing on medical topics, some of which is the basis for our book, “Access to Medical Care”, about what doctors, patients, medical insurers and government might do to improve American medical care on the low-cost end of the scale.

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